How to Become More Assertive

When it comes to getting ahead in life and in business, it’s a necessity to be able to assert yourself. Being assertive does not mean being bossy, rude or domineering. Being assertive means being self-assured, forthcoming and able to get your needs met.

Being assertive sometimes carries a negative connotation. It shouldn’t! Assertiveness is a necessary quality when it comes to reaching success! Here are some ways to work on becoming more assertive:

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  1. Work on building your confidence. If you want to be more assertive, you’ve got to be confident in who you are. Invest the time in building up your self-esteem, because without being sure of who you are, asserting yourself will never be comfortable. 
  1. Know the benefits of asserting your voice. It becomes much easier to assert yourself when you think of the benefits that come from it. Keep in mind that when you are more forthcoming, others will take you more seriously, you will get what you need, you will be able to reach your goals, and you will save loads of time and unnecessary confusion. 
  1. Know your values. When you are sure of what’s important to you and what you stand for, the ability to assert your voice will come much more naturally. Take the time to firmly establish your values in your heart and your mind. This will help you to have a solid foundation upon which to stand when speaking for yourself and others. 
  1. Become comfortable with saying no. We all know that it’s perfectly acceptable to say “no” sometimes. However, it’s much easier said than done! Many of us feel an obligation to say “yes” to others, particularly in a work setting. It’s important to become comfortable with saying “no”, without feeling the need to explain yourself. 
  1. Claim your space. Use confident body language to establish your presence. There’s no need portray yourself as arrogant, or take up the whole room, however you do need to portray confidence in order to fully assert yourself. Don’t shrink your body size, close yourself off or fidget. Use welcoming, open body language, be still and sure and be yourself! 
  1. Use I statements. When speaking about a situation, always speak from your own perspective. Do not shift blame or responsibility. 
  1. Value your own time. Make sure that you are not compromising too much of your own time. Know what your time is worth, where your priorities lie and don’t sacrifice your own time when it’s not necessary. 
  1. Know your value. Understand what your position is and what your value is as a professional. Don’t allow the opinion of others, previous mistakes, or your own insecurities to impact the reality of what your value is. 
  1. Respect yourself and others. Being assertive is not synonymous with being tyrannical. It’s important to be respectful of yourself and of others when becoming more assertive. Not only does it make the transition more comfortable and easy, but it keeps egos in check. 
  1. Stop apologizing. You don’t need to apologize for making your presence known and getting your needs met. As long as you are staying true to your values and being kind and respectful, asserting yourself is a necessary step in reaching success! No apologies necessary!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Meet the team at Sun Marketing Solutions and see how we  have been able to consistently come through big for our clients.  Check us out on our website



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