Habits That Will Help You to Get and Stay Connected

When it comes to being successful in business and entrepreneurship, who you know plays a big role in your success. Your connections will help immensely when it comes to guidance, mentorship, and helping you along your journey in general.

It’s crucial to your success to network with others and make contacts who you can trust and look to for advice when you need it. For some, jumping into a world of constant networking comes easily. For others, it’s a foreign world.

Here are some habits to incorporate into your life that will help you to get and stay connected!

  1. Build up your communication skills. If you want to get connected, the first place to begin is by building up your communication skills. Work on your ability to hold conversations and your body language skills. You’ll want to have a solid foundation in communication if you’re looking to get out there and get connected! 
  1. Get active on social media. Social media is definitely not everybody’s niche; however, it is the connection sweet spot! With the multitude of social media networks available today, connecting with customers, clients and affiliates has never been easier! Everyone you can possibly want to connect with is only a click away! 20170617_1154241
  1. Attend industry events. Make an appearance at every networking event possible. If you want to get the face of your company, (and yourself), out there, you need to get out in the public eye! 
  1. Put effort into every interaction. Getting connected means actually making connections. Don’t brush people off with small talk or meaningless introductions. Engage in every interaction; you never know what may come of it! 
  1. Always look to add value. Connections aren’t just about what the other party can do for you! When you can, help out others that you meet. Make introductions, make suggestions, and use your expertise to help others. 
  1. Step out of your comfort zone. Some of the best connections that you’ll make will happen through some extraordinary circumstances. Get out of your comfort zone, and try new things and meet new people! 
  1. Don’t forget to follow up. It’s great when you make a new connection, but it won’t do you any good if you never follow up! Make sure to exchange information and follow up with your new contacts!

It can be difficult to assert yourself and meet new contacts at times. Remember, most people are in the same boat. We’re all just people! Get yourself out there, and have fun with it!

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