Hacks to Promote Creativity

Usually when we think of the word creativity, we think of paintings, music, performance, and all of the arts. We tend to think of creativity as the making of something artistic and the expression of our feelings and individuality.

However, it is not always such a bold, in-your-face concept. Creativity plays a role in almost every aspect of our lives, including our careers. How can business and creativity possibly relate? Creativity is a huge component when it comes to the success of any business, no matter what the industry.

Your unique vision and influence, and ability to implement these ideas into a progressive new market or business profile is what will set your company apart from others within the industry. Your way of thinking is what will help you to problem solve, lead in new ways, help others, and be your own unique person.


Looking for some ways to boost your creativity? Look no further!

  1. Exercise. Get that blood pumping and those endorphins flowing! If you want to open up your mind, the first step is to get your blood circulating and lift up your spirits! 
  1. Brainstorm. Sit down for a good ole’ fashioned brainstorming sesh. Grab a pen and paper and just start writing whatever comes to mind. 
  1. Read. Read anything and everything. Fill your brain up with knowledge. You never know what will spark an idea. 
  1. Try new things. One of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing is to branch out and try new things. Try new foods, new sports, try a new position at work for a day, try talking to different people. Expand your horizons! 
  1. Create a “white space”. Create a space of nothingness; a space that’s free of visual and auditory stimulation. Try being in a blank space and letting your thoughts speak to you. Famous painters have used this technique for inspiration! 
  1. Work the hours that work for you. If you’re feeling completely stumped, don’t force it. Give yourself a break and come back to a project when you’re feeling inspired. 
  1. Observe. Actively observe the world around you. People watching is a great way to get business ideas. What do people want? What services are they looking for? What kinds of customer service to they positively react to? (Just make sure you’re not falling into creep territory when people watching!) 
  1. Embrace solitude. Take some time for yourself here and there. Some of our best ideas come to us when we’re alone with our thoughts. 
  1. Get lost in conversation. In contrast, sometimes it’s helpful to get absolutely lost in deep conversation with others! Forget the small talk; we’re talking real conversations! That’s where you’ll find some inspiration! 
  1. Listen to music. Music is one of the absolute best creativity boosters! Listen to all different kinds and feel your mood transform. 
  1. Go to some new places. Travel is a great way to expand your mind and learn new things about our world and about people. 
  1. Cook. Believe it or not, cooking is a great way to expand your mind! Cooking forces you to use different problem-solving techniques, use all of your senses and get creative with using whatever the heck you can find in the fridge! 
  1. Get lost in an activity. Get absolutely lost in any activity and see where it takes you. From dusting your house, to gardening to fishing, you’re going to kick up your creativity in two ways. One, the activity itself is going to cause you to use some creativity to accomplish the task. Two, getting lost in a routine activity allows your brain some time to wander. You’ll be amazed at the things you’ll figure out, problem-solve, process and mentally “unpack”! 
  1. Do some crafts. Literally, embrace your creative side and get crafty! Just like anything else, creativity is a skill you can build upon. Why not make it fun?! Doing a craft does not mean you need to glue some popsicle sticks together. You can make some DIY organizational units for your office, make your own backyard BBQ pit, go to a sip and paint night with friends…the options are endless! 
  1. Meditate. Meditation will help to clear out all of the clutter from your head, help you to relax, slow down and make room for all of the healthy, new thoughts that you want to welcome into your mind. 

In a world where we’re tempted to follow the grain, embrace your individuality and creativity. It is your very differences that will set you apart from other businesses and make you shine.

See Sun Marketing Solutions Pinterest page and learn how the team gets creative with in office contests, cooking competitions, travel and more! 


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