Simple but Effective Customer Service Tips

Each and every employee of any company is a key representative of the business. Customer service is a crucial component of customer acquisition and retention, and when one employee misrepresents the business, it the company as a whole that looks unfavorable.

It’s important that we all embrace customer service skills to ensure that we are putting our best face forward.


Here are a few simple, but often overlooked tips to ensure that your customer service is up to par:

  1. Be welcoming. No matter how busy you are or what you’re caught up in, always stop to give a friendly “hello” to your customers. Even if you are involved in a conversation with another customer, you can still give another a warm smile or gesture as they walk in to let them know that you see and acknowledge their presence. You always want your customers to know that they are valued and appreciated. 
  1. Always make time. When possible, make the time to accommodate all customers who are looking for service. If you are unable to help them, direct them to someone who can help them, or set them up with an appointment when you will be available. 
  1. Honesty is the best policy. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep. If a customer is asking for something that you just can’t deliver, don’t beat around the bush or try to cut corners. Give it to them straight, but offer an alternative option that may work just as well. 
  1. Be patient. Any career in customer service can take its toll, no matter what the industry. It can be very difficult to try and meet the needs and expectations of others when they don’t quite understand the limitations of what you can actually do. Remember to be patient and communicate with kindness. 
  1. Know how to read your customers. When it comes to customer service, you will encounter a number of different personalities. You will need to learn how to approach and converse with different individuals with different wants and needs. Some people don’t talk much, while others will chat all day long. Some want to get right down to business, while others want to feel things out first. As a customer service representative, it’s your job to evaluate different situations and scenarios and adjust accordingly. 
  1. Be genuine. Whatever you do, always be yourself. People can detect when you’re being disingenuous. If you’re on the quiet side, don’t force yourself to be loud and out of character. You can still be engaging by asking questions, being knowledgeable, and just being you. If you are naturally more outgoing, use that to your advantage! There’s nothing wrong with being a little bit loud and out there! 
  1. Treat them how you would want to be treated. If you’re stumped in a situation, think of what kind of help you would like if you were in that situation. 
  1. Keep them coming back. Treat your customers so well that they will remember you and would want to come back and see you. Sometimes you can add in an incentive, but your treatment and services alone should be enough to brighten their day and make them want to stick with your company and your services.

Remember, most roles within companies have something to do with customer service. Each of us are looking to represent the company that we work for in the very best light. Always put your best face forward, and always put the customer first!

We are the face for our clients. A warm handshake, a smile and customer rapport produces life-long customers and a demand for our process that will never diminish.  Learn about Sun Marketing Solutions on our website.


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