Daily Habits to Help You Stay More Focused

Staying focused and staying on track is super important in order to get the most out of your day. Focus plays a huge role in our success, purpose and motivation. When we lose our focus, we begin to operate in a manner that does not accomplish much of anything. We lose sight of what is important and it really puts a damper on our success.

If you are having trouble staying focused, you may find that you are feeling a bit stuck. You’ll find that you are are running around, doing all kinds of things without really accomplishing much of anything. You may feel that you are aimlessly pushing through your day without an end goal in sight. You may feel like you can’t get to the things that you really want to accomplish because your time is being consumed by menial tasks that are getting in your way.


When your mind is cluttered with too much noise, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. When you feel overwhelmed, it’s easy to lose motivation. When you lose motivation, you just plain lose your will to do the things you need to do. And that isn’t how we want to operate, is it? Feeling stuck is a crappy, helpless feeling. Rest assured, we have a few simple tips to help get you unstuck, focused and motivated in no time!

  1. Exercise! Regular exercise isn’t just good for the body, it’s good for the brain, too! Exercise improves mental health, memory function and concentration! Plus- it just makes you feel good!
  1. Make a (short) to-do list. Make a to-do list every morning with only the most important tasks for the day. Don’t get too wild and ambitious because you will just overwhelm yourself and just cause yourself to become…that’s right..unfocused! Keep it short and sweet and you will be sure to stay on track.
  1. Limit multitasking. Many people think multitasking is a good thing. Most of the time it’s not. Multitasking causes you to spread yourself too thin which results in subpar results. Give all of your attention to one task at a time. This allows you to produce quality work and will save you the hassle of having to go back and clean up any messes due to lack of proper attention.
  1. Steer clear of distractions. Get to learn what triggers you to lose your focus and try to avoid those things. If you need to, grab your work and move to a quiet place, or invest in a pair of noise canceling headphones. Maybe you need to turn your phone off during work hours or turn off your notifications.
  1. Step away. When you find yourself no longer able to focus, take a break for a few minutes. Sometimes, all we need is to step away for a few minutes and do something else. Go for a walk, chat with a friend, go to lunch, take a cat nap, or grab a cup of coffee. Taking a quick break will allow you to come back to your work or project more able to focus.
  1. Get a good night’s sleep. If you’re not sleeping well, it will be nearly impossible to be able to concentrate on much of anything. A good night’s rest is important to all operations of daily life.

We all lose our focus from time to time, but the trick is to make sure it’s only temporary. If you keep these tricks in your arsenal, you can make sure you never get stuck again!

Our team has been recognized with many achievements and we believe the time we spend together outside the office setting has immensely helped with our accomplishments.  Learn about the culture at Sun Marketing Solutions and see how we stay focused and motivated by visiting our website.


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